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Eva Devore's signature act, oozing vintage glamour and classic charm. This burlesque act takes inspiration from the 1930s, starting in a sparkling evening gown and moving to a beautiful, flowing robe. Set to vintage jazz sounds, this sultry striptease is sure to delight as Eva twirls across the stage in billowing silk.

Bump n' grind takes a juicy twist in this lively striptease act. Eva struts onto the stage in a glittering costume of green sequins, to the Cuban jazz sounds of Poncho Sanchez' Watermelon Man. A tutti-frutti whirlwind of shaking and shimmying builds to a dramatic finale with a tassel twirl.

She appeared like smoke, lingering like a spectre in the darkness. Lured away from her pure, untouched existence, she was possessed by a pleasure as dangerous as it was divine. Now, this hedonistic hellion haunts the earth, wandering in a desperate trance, performing her sinful rituals of worship with lustful hellfire. Burlesque meets performance art in this intoxicating performance.