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The Peach Spritz Flapper

"The 1920s was an era when flippant flappers frenzied late into the evenings. With hemlines kissing below their knees, they would dance atop tables, swilling gin fizz and endless tipples of peach spritz. They would kick across raucous dancefloors to  rowdy roars of more, more, more. Let the paragon of peach perfection that is Eva Devore transport you back to the jazz age with her carefree  kicks."

A cheeky and upbeat combination of striptease and fast-paced 1920s Charleston. This act was part of the Classic section of the Miss Burlesque NSW Sydney finals, and includes quick-change costuming and delightful surprises!

Bump n' grind takes a juicy twist in this lively striptease act. Eva struts onto the stage in a glittering costume of green sequins, to the Cuban jazz sounds of Poncho Sanchez' Watermelon Man. A tutti-frutti whirlwind of shaking and shimmying builds to a dramatic finale with a tassel twirl.

The Hedonist

She appeared like smoke, lingering like a spectre in the darkness. Lured away from her pure, untouched existence, she was possessed by a pleasure as dangerous as it was divine. Now, this hedonistic hellion haunts the earth, wandering in a desperate trance, performing her sinful rituals of worship with lustful hellfire. Burlesque meets performance art in this intoxicating performance.


Ms. Devore is feeling a little... wicked. Red velvet horns perch atop perfectly coiffed curls and a devilish grin, as this sultry seductress takes to the stage. A candle-lit seance, a sublime celebration of sinful feminine sensuality as Eva Devore shimmies, grinds and writhes across the stage. A sanguine sacrifice brings this sacred ritual to a close, wax spilling down her body in a rapturous crescendo.

Lady Watermelon