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Lunar-pale skin beneath a jet-black bob, the heart of a flapper and the glittering step of a starlet, Eva Devore will transport you to days gone by. With blushing peach cheeks and a Clara Bow kiss, this old world enchantress stepped out from 1926 onto the stage in 2016.


Originally calling the mid north coast home, Eva took off for the city with stars in her eyes, and has now teased audiences all across Australia. A Sydney burlesque performer, actor, theatrical costume maker and all-round creative force, She is proud to celebrate her luscious curves and advocate for body positivity. 

well ain't she a peach?


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Eva Devore creates decadent burlesque acts with sultry storytelling and sumptuous costumes.

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"...she is transcendent, looking as though she has stepped

one delicate foot off the Ziegfeld stage under the luminous arch of a crescent moon..."

- Alyssa Kitt, Miss Burlesque NSW 2019 Review



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